Wealth Creation & Investments

There are a range of strategies available to help you get the most from your investments. The key is to understand which strategies are right for your situation. You need to consider a range of things such as the time you have to invest, whether you are investing for a particular goal and how much risk you are willing to take on. A Coastwealth  Financial Adviser can help you determine the best investment strategy for your money and your situation by:

  • advising on investing in managed funds and shares
  • designing an investment portfolio that is right for you
  • providing guidance on investing for a particular goal, eg for your child’s education
  • discussing tax effective strategies

When designing your investment strategy, your Coastwealth Adviser will consider the following:

  • Determining your risk profile
  • Choosing the right asset class for you
  • Diversification to spread your risk
  • Maximising the benefits of compounding
  • Smoothing price fluctuations with regular investing (dollar cost averaging)
  • Your timeframe for investing

Talk to us to tailor a wealth creation and investment plan to meet your goals and objectives.

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