Ongoing Advice

Now that you have a financial plan in place and are on the path to achieving your financial creation and protection goals it is important that you don’t ‘just set and forget’. Regular review meetings provide an opportunity for you to inform your Coastwealth Adviser of any changes in your situation. It is also an ideal situation for you to raise any other needs or queries you may have in which we may be able to provide guidance. Overall, the most important reason for conducting a review is to provide you with peace of mind that you are still on track to meeting your goals and objectives.

A review meeting will usually cover the following:

  • Confirm your current personal situation and consider any changes in relation to our recommendations
  • Re-visit your tolerance to risk to ensure you are comfortable with the level of risk in your portfolio
  • Analyse your current portfolio and provide recommendations based on your current situation and our research
  • Ensure you and your family’s financial future is adequately protected
  • Listen to any other needs or queries which we may be able to assist or clarify

Your financial plan should be dynamic and adapt to your changing circumstances, goals and objectives. Regular reviews will ensure you remain on track. 

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